Of the latest control systems of electric elevators, Smart

system depends on various objective processors

It supports many and varied services and helps to reduce

energy consumption, Updatable in line with customer


The motor :VVVF Control  : Gearless Machine with

Small sizes, high efficiency,  low energy consumption, 

not to  require maintenance,  multiple weights and sizes

and different speeds

450kg -2500kg

0.6     -  4 m/s

 Automatic Rescue Device  (ARD )

-Electric emergency system runs the elevator when

public power outage up to the nearest floor and then

the door opens and the people get out


-Finest Stainless Steel  with high strength

-Attractive Colored variety formats

-Decoration can be formed according to the

client's request

Safety and Security

-FASTEC  Industrial Company adopts  global safety

and security standards, provides all types of

elevators with global quality standards


-Reduce the energy consumption

-Save time, effort and prolong the lifecycle of the elevator

  After-sales service

-Free Guaranty for long

-Technical support fast and continuous

-low costs for maintenance after the free warranty period



High Technology


· The latest of elevators technology in the field of motor.


· IT uses gearless motors do not need maintenance.


· The Elevator running with VVVF control system, which would control.


· Speeds according to elevation. 


· save Energy.


· Use high brief information Network with high accuracy and high-speed.


· reducing the size of the network. 


· Our elevator with speed from 60 cm /s to 4 meters.


· High safety standards.   


Some Features

· Response and implementation of fast and smart applications

· Optical cells control the closing and opening doors

·Powerful brake system (electrical and mechanical)

·Emergency operating system

·Saving time, effort and electricity  



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