·In addition to  the FASTEC  Industrial Company FOR
produces all types of elevators, It could produce
Elevators with customized sizes commensurate with
the size of the shaft , with different sizes and that 
is done after visiting one of the company's engineers
for the building .

·What distinguishes the 
FASTEC  Industrial Company is
after-sales service which based on maintenance starting
from the granting of free long maintenance for its custom
ers and to provide qualified and specialized staff with
attention to detail so that implementation of the required
maintenance as soon as possible with low

Modernizationand developmen
·The company offers modernization and development
service for all types of elevators, whether old or that need
modern control system with special services, taking into
account the client get the best we can in terms of identifying
exactly the desired side to be developed and appropriate
cost for that.
Free consultations:
·The company offers  Free consultations  regarding Lifts
requirements during construction, this service is available
to everyone, whether individuals or institutions, offices or

Technical support

·   Periodic maintenance 


·   Meet maintenance requests within 24 hours 


·   Provide spare parts with various sizes and type with global quality and standards. 


·    Appropriate maintenance contracts. 

Definite Guarantees




· Free Maintenance for alone 


· Provide spare parts free


· Provide spare parts with premium prices after the end of the warranty period


· providing the elevator components with modern specifications


· High-quality motors of global companies 





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Yemen branch

Headquarters Sana'a

Algeria Street - next to the Libyan Center

SABEHAH Building , second round

Telephone:  009671536511

FAX:  009671536512


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